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Sunday, October 16, 2011

oNLy mE

One day I heard someone said: "There is nothing in this world you cannot buy with money and it just because you did not know where is good place to buy". I felt really sorry that she got wrong friends and place to play together with and money to spend for.
I am really not understand what that it means behind her statement. Have so many question I would like to ask her but I’m not to dare to do because it her own business. The happiness that she got is it because have price she has to paid with money? The love that she got is it because she got paid or she paid with money? The family that she life together is it because she paid to make they want to life with? The kids that she is taking care is it because she’s expecting that kids will pay it back after with money? Life for money or money for life?
I know you should pay for foods and beverages, entertainment, clothes and all what you want in this world but don not forgetwhat you want is not same with what you need. Ask your self about: did you have to pay because your parents delivered you into this world? Did you pay for the family who’s life together with you right now? Did you have to pay for having friends or you just looking for friends who’s have money? How about when you need someone to hold your hands when you need someone to keep you strong? Are you happy when everyone looking at you because you are money person? Is all about the money?
When I see you I felt lucky for my self. Is because I life with people around me who’s not looking at me as money person. I am happy I don’t have to pay for having family. I don’t have to pay to make my family happy, I don’t have to pay for having lots of friends, I don’t have to pay to be best parent for kids. I’m happy my friends looking at me as a person. I’m happy my husband love me as a person. I’m happy is always someone help me to hold my hands when I was down. That’s what are life for. That’s what I need for to keep me survive.
Thanks to all people around me who’s love and accept me as person. Thanks because I don’t have to pay for all your pleasure to me. Thanks to not make me blind for all of this. Thanks for being my friends. Thanks for being my love. Thanks always be by my side when I need. That is all what I need. I cannot pay for all of this but I promise will bring it till the end of my life as a good memories.  And is all not about money for me.
Special thanks to my GOD for my great life…

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