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Sunday, October 16, 2011

LIfe NeveR enDEd

Is been along time since I’m visiting my blog. Soo many things are happen in my live. Happinest, sadnest, tears and laugh. Friends comes and gone. Relationship goes up and down. Live for me like waves in the ocean. I’ve been trying so hard to attractive following the tone of waves. Sometime I can stand up strong or felt down to deep ocean but I know that I should always wakeup and try again with or without someone hand’s help me to keep me strong.
Seeing the reality are happen arround me. Pieces of pieces story. The dark of the shadow.
This is me. I just wanna be my self. I felt strong for my self. I have a long story of my life but I leave it. I leave it when I open a new chapter in my story. I don’t wan’t to have shadow behind me following the new story of mine. I wish I could get pay for my sacrificing.

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